Saturday, March 29, 2014

Balcony Garden: March

Since my last balcony garden post not much changed until last week. I ripped out the yellow flowers and vegetables and just had the small white flowers all winter (they kept blooming). I trimmed back the strawberry plant and potted one of its baby offshoots. I tried (and failed) to grow herbs and kale/spinach from seed.

Last week I purchased some herbs. Here is my rosemary plant from last year, strawberry plant from last year, and lavender:
And here is the mint plant, mexican oregano sharing a pot with one of the self seeded red flowering plants from last summer, and lemongrass sharing a pot with the baby strawberry plant.

The cat dearly loves to graze on the lemongrass so I doubt I will get much use from it for cooking. You can see we've got a little strawberry on the baby plant!

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